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How to Cope with Hair Loss - healthy tips

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For women maybe his hair was like a crown thing for him and esteem for the man. But how the story if we are experiencing hair loss? Of course it would make us lose our confidence. So it is in need so that the hair should we care properly as well as taking care of our face.
How to Cope with Hair Loss - healthy tips

Hair loss is generally due to the replacement of old hair that is experiencing hair loss. Normally hair will fall as much as 90 strands of hair aging period, but if you are experiencing hair loss is more than that there are treatment on your hair.

How to Cope with Hair Loss 
To Avoid excessive hair loss, I have some tips ya, how to cope with hair loss:

1. How to Cope with Hair Loss with Coconut Water.

Coconut is a fruit that contains many benefits one of which is its coconut oil, oil well is what will make your hair felt softer and stronger.

2. Aloe Vera Overcome Hair Loss

This slimy fruit is suitable for your hair care, and how is very easy and simple. Take a leaf of aloe vera, aloe vera and then divide that up mucus aloe vera was completely out, then immediately apply to your hair, and smooth with a comb.

3. Protein Rich Food Consumption

The food has a protein content that is good enough as it does this fish, so it can help strengthen your hair shaft and can minimize your hair loss.

4. How to Cope with Hair Loss Fruits

Sometimes foods have protein and iron content alone is not enough, should also be interspersed with fruits that have vitamin C, because vitamin C is able to absorb the iron in our body.

5. Nourish Hair celery leaves

Celery leaves not only prevent hair fall out, but it could also be fresh and our hair grow healthier. The first step is quite easy to take a 10-12 stalks celery leaves, crushed, wet the hair and smooth. After that, apply the leaf celery puree that you have had, while a little massage your scalp, this goal so that our heads are more relaxed and content of the benefits of celery leaves can absorb into the roots of our hair, let sit for a moment and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

6. Rinse hair with cold water

Hair loss is identical to try to dry hair so your hair is always wet, but not too often to moisten. Just try that our hair more fresh and strong.

7. Do not Tie Hair Too Tight

For those women who generally have long hair, hair loss causes of this could have happened because the use of a hair tie too tight so your hair fall out more easily. So, keep your hair tied that but still keep your hair so as not easily fall out.

8. How to Treat Hair Loss with Green Tea

The Green's function is to improve hair growth and minimize the traditionally kerontoka on your hair. This tea is rich in anti-oxidants.

9. Garlic juice Overcome Hair Loss

Perhaps for this one seems a little weird yes, but do not worry it will not harm your hair, but your hair healthy. Trying to do this the following way, garlic juice was just enough, then spread it flat on your hair. Let stand overnight, the goal for the efficacy of garlic is absorbed by our hair. And into the next morning, rinse your hair with shampoo in order to smell the garlic a little lost.

10. Leaves Waru Nourish Hair loss

Some time ago I never talk about the benefits of hibiscus leaves. There explained that one of the properties is the hibiscus leaves nourish hair. So, if you are experiencing hair loss, you can use this aru daunw to overcome.

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