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Garlic is one of the herbs that are beneficial to health - Garlic is a plant of Allium gene which has a Latin name Allium sativum L. Plant part used is the tuber, usually for seasoning traditional cuisine. Just like onion are both described as a mismatched couple who must be present as a food flavoring.

Benefits And Efficacy of Garlic For Health - Medicinal PlantsBecause it is more often used as seasoning only a few people know that garlic, like onions also been proven to treat various types of diseases. Therefore, it is interesting if the discussion about the benefits of garlic are discussed briefly.

Nutritional content Garlic
Garlic is able to become a traditional medicine because it is embedded in a lot of nutrients that have a special ability to maintain the health of the organs in the human body.

List Of Nutrition on Garlic :

Benefits And Efficacy of Garlic For Health - Medicinal Plants

Benefits And Efficacy of Garlic For Health - Medicinal Plants
Here are the properties of garlic plants for human health:


Diabetes attack someone that blood sugar levels are too high or excessive. Get used to eating raw garlic is very appropriate to minimize and set the amount of sugar in the blood so that the problem can be cured diabetes.

Lose weight

Did you know that a healthy diet should be accompanied by the consumption of food seasonings are garlic?

It is not certain what substances that help the process of weight loss. Clearly garlic will control the person's weight in the ideal number, it depends on the person, he wants to find a balance with a healthy lifestyle or not.

Launched Circulatory

The circulatory system in the body does not always work perfectly, sometimes there comes a time to weaken due to deficiency of certain nutrients. Therefore, garlic can help expedite the circulatory system throughout the body and to open blocked blood vessels.

Curing Skin Diseases

Various types of skin diseases can ruin the appearance, embarrass a woman while wearing short-sleeved shirts, etc etc.

Using oil of garlic is able to treat infections of the skin so the skin effect is so much smoother and cleaner. In use also do not go overboard so that one does not arise as a result of the negative effects of frequency use garlic oil.

treating Influenza

Garlic save a powerful antioxidant that plays a role in improving the performance of the body against disease, such as flu. If the regular consumption of garlic herb, influenza can be prevented and treated without the hassle of other medical treatment.

To make a potion of garlic flu drug, you have to slice garlic, then pour in hot water. Allow a few moments, then strain the water. Drink this mixture and add a little honey that is not too bitter taste.

Cleaning Toxins

The amount of toxins in the body can continue to increase according to the number of less healthy foods that are consumed by someone.

If toxins are not allowed to linger, then the health condition remained stable, and vice versa. To detoxify toxins in your body can eat raw garlic a few grains. It is also good for maintaining healthy skin, rather hamper that trigger aging skin wrinkles.

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All the benefits of garlic can feel continuously if regularly consumed. In earlier discussions there is a command to eat garlic raw, if you do not like can process it became a medicinal herb or a spice in cooking.