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Benefits of Sunlight - healthy t1ps - Are you afraid or feel uncomfortable with the sun? Yes, the sun is often avoided because they can make the skin black, discomfort, heat and can make the body become sick or exhausted. With a wide range of these reasons that some people feel can not linger under exposure to sunlight.

Facts Benefits of Sunlight

benefits matahariTerkena light exposure to direct sunlight is still regarded as a forbidden thing. Some experts say that the sun can cause skin cancer potential. This is because sunlight contains UV rays that can damage skin cells. But is it true?

morning sunlight benefits
benefits of sunlight

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Here are some facts the benefits of sunlight from various fields:

You Must Know Benefits Of Sunlight For Health - Healthy t1ps

1. Prevent the Spread of Cancer

In a study conducted by Dr Zane, proved that bask in the sun for less than 10 am effectively managed to prevent metastasis of cancer cells. One of them is the type of breast cancer. Patients can perform this therapy in accordance with their capabilities and if it is already tired should stop. Benefits of vitamin D naturally from sunlight has a very good effect to stop the spread of cancer cells.

2. Healing Wounds

A proof that the benefits of sunlight can heal the wounds began when World War I. At that time many soldiers were wounded and when it is in the tent, soldiers who suffered wounds dried in the sun before 9am. When it was surprisingly a lot of injuries suffered by soldiers become better faster than wounded soldiers were not dried.

This discovery ever recorded by Niels Finsen and never get the Nobel Prize. The sunlight was able to clean the wound, kill bacteria and prevent infection.

3. Maintaining Skin Softness

Sunlight contains ultraviolet light benefits of natural skin well if accepted then it can cause the skin becomes softer. Sunlight overcome several diseases that cause rough skin, fungus on the skin and cure acne. The benefits of sunlight to kill bacteria and fungi that cause skin problems.

4. Lowering Cholesterol

Cholesterol in the blood is the main enemy is very large. Cholesterol can lead to stroke, heart attack, diabetes and other diseases. To lower the cholesterol levels in the blood therapies try to bask in the sun. The sunlight helps the body's metabolic processes that can change cholesterol into sex hormones. This therapy can be done by all ages, especially for stroke patients and the elderly.

5. Lowering Blood Pressure

Blood pressure problems associated with pump pressure system in the heart, blood pressure conditions in the blood vessels and metabolic systems. Many elderly people can get high blood pressure problems due to the metabolic system is problematic or descent. Benefits of sunlight through the skin directly, ernyata can help the blood vessels and increases the metabolic system. This method is actively can lower blood pressure so that the body becomes healthier.

6. Address Hardening Vascular Disease

All types of diseases related to the heart and blood vessels will increase the risk of hardening of the arteries. This disease can also make hardening of the blood vessels becomes faster. To overcome this problem it can do therapy bask under the sun, especially during the morning. Exposure to direct sunlight benefits can improve the function of blood vessels.

7. Smooth Blood Circulation

Blood in the human body is very important to make the system a body good. Blood will help humans to absorb nutrients from food and beverages. Besides the blood will carry a variety of enzymes and hormones that the body uses to normalize metabolic system. Exposure to direct sunlight can help the body to improve blood circulation and makes the body's tissues become better.

8. Keeping the body's immune

One way to get the health benefits of the body is often exposed to sunlight. The sun's rays will be absorbed by the skin and transmitted to the body's cells that can boost the immune system. Even people who often bask in the sun will contain white blood cells that meet that makes the body can fight germs and strengthen the immune system.

9. Increasing Growth in Infants

Newborns few days it is advisable to frequently dried under the sun in the morning. The sun's rays can make the body and cell development in infants grow faster. It is associated with vitamin D is absorbed by the skin and is used for bone growth.

10. Pressing Depression

People who are depressed would look disorder that occurs in both physical and mental. Mental and physical health condition is not good can be caused by lack of sunlight. The sun's rays can be one way to cure depression. People who suffer from depression have been happier after doing therapy in the sun.

11. Improve Sleep Quality

Quality of sleep can be affected by several things, one of which is the balance of hormones in the body. Exposure to direct sunlight can increase the quality of sleep for the better. It is caused by exposure to direct sunlight can regulate levels of the hormone melatonin. This hormone regulates the body in reaction to the condition of sleep the body needs.

12. Increase Bone Growth

Exposure to sunlight also contains vitamin D. Vitamin D is one type of vitamin that can already be absorbed directly by the body through the skin. The cells will absorb vitamin D which will be forwarded to the bone. This way your bones absorb calcium and vitamin D. The role of sunlight is very large to increase the growth and absorption of vitamin D in bone.

13. Troubleshooting Memory

Elderly people and people suffering from memory disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer's. It is highly recommended to often bask in the sun on the benefits of waking up the morning. The sun's rays can not improve memory but can preserve the memory, but it can trigger the growth of healthy cells. This will improve the quality of life so it is good for the sufferer.

14. Reduce Disease Risk Bone Disorders

Disease bone disorders can be caused because the body is too weak to absorb the benefits of vitamin D and calcium. This condition often occurs in countries that are not thinking about a lot of sun exposure. This disease can be overcome by frequent sunbathing under the sun. The body will absorb vitamin D and calcium from food. So this therapy will reduce the risk of bone disorders.

15. The sun rays as a Source of Energy

The benefits of sunlight are not only good for the health of the human body. Sunlight is a part of nature that can not be separated. Plants and animals need sunlight to get a better life. In addition to sunlight is also important to get enough energy for all living organisms.

Here are some of the role of sunlight in the field of energy:

The sun's rays can be converted into electricity - solar heat can be captured by special panels which process the benefits of solar thermal energy into electrical energy. It is often we see as a solar power source. Can use for lighting, refrigeration and water treatment machines.
The sunlight is always needed by plants as an energy source - the Sun can assist in food processing plants through photosynthesis. Without sunlight, the plants can not grow and man can not make use of plants as a food source.
Tips For Getting sun rays Direct

Sunlight does have enormous benefits. Even the sun makes life better. Imagine if there is no sunlight for one day only. But to get the best benefits of sunlight and we must do several things.

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Below are some tips when exposed to direct sunlight:

Avoid exposure to sunlight without protection after morning. The afternoon sun may contain several types of UV rays that can increase the risk of skin cancer.
Protect your eyes with special glasses when out in the sun more than 10 hours of the morning. It is important to protect the cornea and lens of the eye.
Avoid wearing various types of sunscreen or protective skin that contains chemicals. Even chemicals in these products will actually increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.
In an ancient culture in the old days, everyone likes the sunlight. They assume that the sunlight can make the body become healthier, sweat and make the body immune to various types of diseases. Similarly, the usefulness of solar light mentioned above, which is capable of supporting a person's health.