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Good nutrition for pregnant women - healthy tips

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types of food recommended for pregnant women - Nutritional intake for pregnant women - Sago starch - Pregnant women should always maintain a healthy diet and balanced, eat enough no less and no more, as well as nutritional note, for pregnant women was pregnant with her baby who desperately need nutritious food for its development. But many pregnant women often went wrong in interpret meal for two people are eating double portions, but that question is eating enough for pregnant women and fetus. Excessive eating during pregnancy can lead to weight gain walam fast time, while the risk of excessive weight gain during pregnancy and your labor, ideally during the nine months of pregnancy weight containing pregnant women increased about 11-13 kg. you should also read food taboos pregnant women

Good nutrition for pregnant women - healthy tips

types of food recommended for pregnant women - Nutritional intake for pregnant womenPregnant women who need to consider is whether the food they consume sufficient nutrients, meaning that nutrients into the body meet the nutritional needs of the mother under- extra needed for the growth of the fetus, breastfeeding preparation, placenta, amniotic fluid and blood volume. As a guide, every day that pregnant women should consume foods containing substances is as follows:

Carbohydrates and fats

When pregnant pregnant women need about 300 extra calories of carbohydrates and fats every day, if the non-pregnant state we only need about 2.800 to 3000 per day, pregnant women need approximately 15% more calories during pregnancy. Consumption of carbohydrates is often consumed in the form of rice and its successor like, noodles, bread and so on, as variations of pregnant women can also eat other carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, corn, sago, wheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes and wheat. Fat can also be obtained from vegetable or animal origin, for example derived from vegetable fat margarine, vegetable oil and palm oil, while animal fats can be obtained from cheese, milk or butter. So that the need for carbohydrate and fat are met be smart set balanced and varied menu.


Sources of protein are often divided from vegetable and animal, vegetable protein can be obtained from tofu and tempe derived from soybeans, other sources such as nuts, whereas animal proteins can be obtained from beef, buffalo meat, chicken, fish, fresh fish, milk, cheese and eggs. The needs of pregnant women will reach 80 grams of protein per day, rising to 70% when not pregnant.

Vitamins and minerals

In order for the process of metabolism and protection against disease can run smoothly, needed vitamins and minerals. Calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, folic acid, and minerals which must maternal consumption when planning a pregnancy, apart from the pregnant women also need vitamins such as vitamin A, B, and C to pregnant women get from vegetables , fruits. Consuming fruits and vegetables five times a day can meet the demand for minerals and vitamins needed. Pregnant women need at least 1,200 mg of calcium during pregnancy to help the growth of the tooth and to the bones of the fetus, can also be supplied with 4 cups of milk, but even so did not need as much as four glasses each day because you can also get it from foods such as cereals , cheese or yogurt. In early pregnancy pregnant women are advised to consume 800 mcg of folic acid every day can be made from wheat, green vegetables, nuts, fruits and beef liver. In general, foods that contain folic acid will be low because of natural folic acid is generally easily damaged by heating or storage for too long, therefore pregnant women are encouraged to eat large quantities or can also replace it with a vitamin containing folic acid according to the dose recommended. Pregnant women should also consume foods that contain iron for pregnant women are susceptible to anemia that can result in the body is often weak, dizzy and pale skin, apart from the fetus in undergoing the process of growth also in desperate need of iron for the formation of red blood cells , Sources of iron can be obtained from red meat, vegetables, and whole grains.