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5 Benefits of Avocado Seeds For Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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5 Benefits of Avocado Seeds For Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

Avocados are one type of plant that is native to Mexico and Central America. Plant this one is then spread in many tropical regions of the world including the Indonesia. Avocado widely cultivated as plantation crops become commercialized and garden plants in homes. The fruit is not only delicious consumed directly but also delicious when made into juice mixed drinks fresh. Avocado itself popular in Indonesia in the 19th century.

Avocado contains a lot of good content as 14 minerals and 11 vitamins that are beneficial to health. Additionally, avocados are also rich in riboflavin, protein, vitamin B3, vitamin B2, potassium and vitamin C.

Avocado itself not only good to eat meat, but its seeds also have a lot of properties that are good for health. There are many benefits of avocado seed that we can get from:

5 Benefits of Avocado Seeds For Health and Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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1. To treat stomach ulcers

Maag is one type of disease that affects a person with a poor diet. To overcome this pain, you can count on the power of an avocado seed. The way is easy that is by:

wash the avocado seed use boiled water to clean
The next grated avocado seeds and mix using a half cup of boiled water
then use the filtered water to drink in the morning and evening. Repeat until you are suffering from an ulcer that healed

2. To treat diabetes mellitus

How to use the avocado seeds for treating diabetes mellitus, you can do the following ways:

Yag grilling avocado seed has been clean up the fire
cut fruit seeds into small pieces
further boiled until brown avocado seed
after the cooking water turns brown, you can filter the water and drink until your illness cured
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3. To cope with toothache

Seeds avocado turns can also be used to treat toothaches. How to use the avocado seed as a toothache can be done by

mashing the avocado until smooth seeds
then use a collision from the seed into the tooth ache or even being perforated. Additionally, you can also use a cotton swab that has been matched to the collision the seeds for later applied to the teeth in trouble

4. Overcoming swelling due to inflammation

To cope with swelling caused by inflammation, you can use avocado seed by the way:

grind until smooth
grab collision avocado seed and add water until the dough turns pasty
The next batter smeared the collision result in sore body parts

5. To overcome kidney failure

To cope with a disease, it is better if you use natural remedies that are widely available in nature. Various natural remedy that was no less effective as treatment performed at the hospital. One of them is to treat kidney failure using an avocado seed. The way is easy that is by:

sliced ​​avocado seed with a small incision
further drying the slices to dry like crackers
milled avocado seed that has been dried until smooth
furthermore create a drink using an avocado seed powder. Do as when we make coffee or tea
drink 3 times a day. This healthy drink has no side effects.
For good results, you can eat this healthy drink for 1 month and then feel the changes on each week. If your condition is back to normal, you can stop their consumption.

In addition to the benefits above avocado seed, avocado seeds can also be used to treat thrush and reduce fatigue.

Benefits of avocado for beauty

Not only for health, but avocado can also be used to add beauty to your self. Starting from softens the skin to leave hair shining, you can do by using avocado. No wonder there are now many beauty products that use avocado as materials for its products.

Face mask
Avocado can be used as a face mask by cutting the fruit into 2 parts. Blender avocado and add ¼ cup of honey with dose. Apply it on the face evenly and wait for approximately 15 minutes. Further wash with warm water until clean. Masks of the fruit alkpukat suitable for those who have dry skin types.

Smooth the hand
Using an avocado to soften the hand can be done by mixing a slice of avocado use ½ teaspoon of olive oil, an egg white, tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons Outmeal. If it is well blended, you can rub it on your hands and do it evenly. Do it for about 20 minutes then wash using warm water.

soften hair
For those of you who have less hair soft and shiny, you can use avocado to make your hair beautiful and radiant back. Quite easy by mixing a slice of avocado, ½ tsp olive oil, an egg yolk and blend in your hair from the base to the tip of the hair. Let stand for about 30 minutes then wash using shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

To cope with puffy eyes
To cope with swollen eyes use traditional avocado, can be done by cutting the avocado into pieces and paste it on the bottom of the eye. Do it for approximately 20 minutes later rinse using clean water. In addition to using avocado, you can also use slices of cucumber fruit that is rich in water content to make your eyes refreshed.

Benefits of avocado for pregnant women

Avocados have a lot of good content even for pregnant women though. This fruit is useful in preventing illness Spina Bifida in the fetus that was conceived. Spina bifida disease itself can occur when the tissues of the spinal cord out of the back. Avocado can be used as a solution to overcome these diseases due to the content of folic acid. Folic acid acts as an inhibitor of this disease.

Folic acid is an essential nutrient that must be met at the time of pregnancy. Folic acid is useful in avoiding prospective baby to avoid a defect of the brain as well as damage to the spinal cord will.

Not only the fruit, avocado seeds for health benefits is also very impact in helping the body healthy and even prevent and treat various diseases.